Current Projects
Understanding and Applying the Bible by Robertson McQuilken

In his classic introduction to Bible study, McQuilkin shows everyday believers how to navigate the Bible's genres and plumb its thought structures with accuracy, experiencing afresh living encounters with the inspired Word. Understanding and Applying the Bible also examines the most common errors in Bible reading. In the end, McQuilkin maintains Scripture can be understood by anyone, simply by following a set of straightforward and time-tested principles. He urges the reader that the result of bible study must be application in one's life.
Introduction to Biblical Counseling by John MacArthur

The Scripture provides the answers to the problem of sin and is sufficient for addressing the matters of the heart. This book provides the biblical principles that form the foundation of providing counsel from the Word of God. It explains the basic concepts, presuppositions, and distinctives of biblical counseling and prepares the couselor to evaluate personal problems from a biblical perspective. An Introduction to Biblical Counseling is a manual for instructing the willing servant how to counsel from God's Word.