Financial Commitment
Legally publishing books in China is not an inexpensive venture, but it is clearly one with an impact on eternity. As more resources are beginning to be made available to Chinese pastors, the ability for training is significantly enhanced.

The process for legally publishing a book in China is as follows:

1.     Choose appropriate title based on needs that we see China and consultation with Chinese Pastors and Church Leaders.
2.     Obtain License to publish in Chinese from English publishers
3.     Mainland nationals translate and edit the book (a multi-step process to assure accuracy and quality)
4.     Design cover, layout, and have the book formatted
5.     Obtain an ISBN from a Mainland Chinese Press (while a typical ISBN in the United States can be bought for $20 or so, the price to go through the ISBN process in Mainland China is over $3000).
6.     Have the book printed, stored and distributed.

The average selling price of a book is three to four US dollars. The revenue currently generated from these sales does not cover the cost of making the book available.  If a book sells well enough to warrant a second print run, the small profit that comes from sales goes directly back into making future titles available. As we build a base of published books, the more popular titles will be help to generate revenue so that less popular, but greatly needed, pastoral reference books can be translated and made available in Mainland China. 

         China Kingdom Resources is a 501(c)(3) company.